La Kossa® - The dance - An action against, for more happy moments!
Deal with the stress of our times. Dance to cheerful and hip songs from the central to west African region
La Kossa® Fitness - Journey to Africa with the innovative dance fitness program...
...,become a dance pro in the field of modern African dance, learn new rhythms and burn calories!
La Kossa® Dance workshops - in one hour we take you to great choreo steps
...from what you know to what you don't know. We lead you step by step to complex dance movements and simple choreos
La Kossa® Juniors - We enable children to experiment and express themselves in dance.
We enable the children to experience various rhythms, we promote their coordination and work on their sense of rhythm.

La Kossa® - School of Dance and Sport with African Mood

Dance - Training - Happiness

















La Kossa® Fitness

Learning modern african dance steps while training coordination, balance, flexibility. 

Try two hours of La Kossa Fitness by booking our beginners video

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La Kossa® Tanzworkshops

We encourage your company to dance to the cheerful modern rhythms of Africa: whether summer parties, kindergarten parties,...  

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At our dance workshops you will learn simple choreography and with regular participation you will become an Afro Urban dance professional!



La Kossa® Juniors

Kids dance courses with a focus on rhythm and coordination. Our La Kossa Juniors experience different music and dance styles. Through the use of creative dance they move freely and express themselves as dancers.


La Kossa® Trainer Ausbildung

You are full of energy, can motive people, love to dance to especially happy music?

Become a La Kossa® trainer ( Training via videos also available)



























La Kossa® - News

On 16 June Ari held two La Kossa workshops at the Gymwelt Congress in Schweinfurt.

The first workshop was about: La Kossa creativity or how movement evolves in African dance.

The second workshop was about basic elements of La Kossa Fitness.

On  June 9th La Kossa tooks part in the Eyes On Cameroon festival in Gäufelden.

 La Kossa T-shirt have been decorated with children. Ari held a creative dance class for them. The result of the class have been presented on stage.

On June 15th La Kossa was at the festival: Afrikatage Munich. There was a dance flash mob

as well as one-hour course with enthusiastic participants!


La Kossa® Tanzworkshops

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